Novelist Beth Barany put me in Writer’s Fun Zone!

beth-baranyBeth Barany, a local fantasy novelist (Henrietta The Dragon Slayer and lots of others), was nice enough to put me on her Writer’s Fun Zone website. This was a perk from my winning the Honorable Mention in this year’s Carry the Light. Beth writes, coaches, and does other great stuff that helps writers. I can (and should) learn so much more from her.

I think it might have been Beth who, about a year ago, told me that the little girl Holly saves in my novel’s first chapter seemed to be oriental. I ran with that, and thus Kittygirl’s real name is now Katsuko Kimura, and Kittygirl’s mom is a small and tough Japanese woman. If I am right, thank you, Beth. And since I think Beth likely helped me get into Carry the Light (I have not asked that yet), thanks again.

Here is a link to my interview in Writer’s Fun Zone. Thank you, Beth. I am honored again.



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