Book review: Reckoning (The Many Deaths of Dynamistress Book 1)

Reckoning-Dynamistress-book-1Reckoning (the many deaths of Dynamistress) is about a superheroine, but its pace is not comic book fast. It is slow and deliberate, much like the movie Unbreakable. I did not think that would draw me in, but it did. Dynamistress does not have a happy life, but she carves out her path, including her superpowered origin. She goes through a lot of downs, which make her ups so much more satisfying. Her relationships give her grief and occasional happiness. She does not always handle them well: she is flawed emotionally, and admits it in her memoir-like mental dialog. Yet, she is a hero, even though she does not see herself as one. But when the going gets toughest, watch out, villains!

This book has a soul-baring feel. Its chapters often end on cliffhangers that made me feel tension (done with better effect than the constant cliffs in the Duh Vinci Code). The start of the next chapter is then a quick flashback setting up the upcoming action, making me WAIT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!! This is nicely Hitchcockian: it draws out suspense.

I give it this book a high recommendation: the day I finished it, I started reading the next book in the series even though I have many other books to read. I care about Dynamistress, dammit!


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