Book review: One Con Glory

one-con-gloryAt Baycon this year, one of the panelists, Sarah Kuhn, mentioned she had written a book about a fangirl at a comic con. I love comic book conventions. So I bought One Con Glory. I read it. I liked it a lot.

Sarah knows comic book nerds. I am one of those. I learned from her. This book has plenty of trekkie and Buffy and Battlestar and other nerdy references; it has a strong and smart and sarcastic and flawed and lovable heroine; and it has the sights, sounds, and smells of the San Diego Comic Con. Sigh, I miss that.

You will laugh with the cutting remarks, choke up at the roller-coaster romance, and you will want that geek girl to lower her shields and get the cool yet geeky guy. A touch of The Hangover, a touch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (no real superpowers though), and a lot of wonderful witty dialogue.

P.S. I posted this review on Amazon.


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