Gay Marriage? Okay with me!

I have seen a black American president. And now gay marriage legalized by the US Supreme Court. I never expected those within my lifetime. The world is a better place.

I have met gay comic book writers, artists, and geeks over the years. I am happy for them.  I intend to write a friend of Super Holly Hansson: a gay superhero with a bodybuilding physique and a ray of sunshine personality, based on real-life Justin Hall of Prism Comics. (Superpower: probably absorb attacks and turn it into strength, especially in his big powerful pecs.) Justin knows I will do this. He is a very nice guy, and big. He called me an ally once. Nice of him, but I have not done much to earn that. Me writing a story would help. If anyone has some good ideas for that, please let me steal them.

I have another reason to be happy about the gay marriage ruling. Equality. It will let gay couples become every bit as miserable as straight couples.

Another reason: the homophobes who have called me “faggot” over the years. You don’t have to be gay to be called one, I am living proof. The bullies who are now gnashing their teeth and having hissy fits and otherwise having meltdowns? I can only say to them:


P.S. I would have given a couple internal organs to go to George Takei’s wedding. Fanboy geek heaven!


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