I’m honorably published in a paperback!

sanmateofairsigningI’m published again! In a paperback! Remember my Carry The Light post about my honorable mention novel chapter? You can now buy the Carry The Light paperback from Amazon. (Kindle is not out yet, and I could not get the Sandhill review Press link to to work.) Short stories, poems, etc. put out once a year by the San Mateo County Fair. The first pages from Chapter Zero of my novel are in it. My chapter is about 20 pages, so they printed the first four, ending on a great line of laughing dialog from the Two Dudes: “Butt web! Huh huh huh!” I will soon put in a link to the book on my published page. (I wanna read and write a little before bedtime.)

I sat at the signing table and signed my chapter in that book. Don’t I look happy? Okay, it was mostly other writers passing their Carry The Light books, signing each other’s stories. But it was fun! I felt like Holly Hansson! (Chapter Zero has her at a signing table in a comic book and coffee shop.) I took a picture at the signing table. (This is staged. The signing was over, so I had a couple of the writers pose with me.) Missy Kirtley is on one side of me, William Albert Baldwin on the other side, and in front of me is the little placard I made. Missy has a kid superhero story in Carry the Light! KEWL!

This makes three published Super Holly stories. I still have one to finish and submit to Fault Zone by June 30 (deadline was extended), and two others to put out on Kindle.

P.S. I’ve been published on paper before. I used to write the Strom’s Index column for Amazing Heroes magazine. But that was back in the days of Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

P.P.S. I found a typo in my chapter. My fault. Sigh.


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