Gay Marriage? Okay with me!

I have seen a black American president. And now gay marriage legalized by the US Supreme Court. I never expected those within my lifetime. The world is a better place.

I have met gay comic book writers, artists, and geeks over the years. I am happy for them.  I intend to write a friend of Super Holly Hansson: a gay superhero with a bodybuilding physique and a ray of sunshine personality, based on real-life Justin Hall of Prism Comics. (Superpower: probably absorb attacks and turn it into strength, especially in his big powerful pecs.) Justin knows I will do this. He is a very nice guy, and big. He called me an ally once. Nice of him, but I have not done much to earn that. Me writing a story would help. If anyone has some good ideas for that, please let me steal them.

I have another reason to be happy about the gay marriage ruling. Equality. It will let gay couples become every bit as miserable as straight couples.

Another reason: the homophobes who have called me “faggot” over the years. You don’t have to be gay to be called one, I am living proof. The bullies who are now gnashing their teeth and having hissy fits and otherwise having meltdowns? I can only say to them:


P.S. I would have given a couple internal organs to go to George Takei’s wedding. Fanboy geek heaven!

I am schooled by Trina Robbins!

trina-wizard-sac-2015At Wizard Con in Sacramento, I met writer and HERstorian Trina Robbins again. I told her she ought to meet Valerie Estelle Frankel, who wrote that Empowered Wonder Woman book that I reviewed. I told Trina about Valerie mentioning in that book the fight where Wonder Woman and Cheetah rip each other’s clothes.

And Trina said that Wonder Woman’s costume is super tough, and Cheetah is covereed in fur! She firmly asked me if I could think of any superheroines whose super-costumes get ripped. I said, um, maybe Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths? And Trina met Valerie later, and said that Valeries said “Huh?” when she told Valerie about the ripping thing.

I reread that part of Valerie’s book. Valerie said that Wonder Woman bends and twists to reveal as much skin as possible. No clothes being ripped off. I consider myself SCHOOLED!

However, this could be a story idea for Super Holly Hansson, along the lines of the story that would-be writers send to Marvel again and again and again: Sabertooth and Wolverine meet in a forest, they fight, Wolverine wins. Holly would not do the bendy thing during a fight, she fights like a heavyweight boxer (and hits like one, too). Maybe Holly is in a forest in her street clothes, and then she meets a very annoying villain named The Ripper? I’ll think about it. Trina, thanks for a nice goofy idea. Another way to get short-fuse Holly mad.

I bought a couple books from Trina. One was the Miss Fury book she is holding up, she edited it. Miss Fury beat Wonder Woman to the costumed heroine thing by six months. The art is fun, a panel of a big cross-dresser with lots of perfume-smelly lines sold me on it.


A Sun Dance book tour to watch out for.

the-sun-danceAt a Bookbuyers open mic in Mountain View, CA tonight, Cassandra Mei-Fong Lee announced she is doing a book tour for her self-published children’s book, The Sun Dance. She wrote it and drew the art. I bought a copy. (You can too, link here.) She is going on a book tour, click here for a map.

Cassandra is a nice lady who paid attention when I read my open mic story (my most slapstick story yet, take that, John Gardner!). She did a very sweet reading from her book. If you can, check out her book tour. And her book.

P.S. I think I like blog posting about indy authors that I have met. Oughta do it more often.

I’m honorably published in a paperback!

sanmateofairsigningI’m published again! In a paperback! Remember my Carry The Light post about my honorable mention novel chapter? You can now buy the Carry The Light paperback from Amazon. (Kindle is not out yet, and I could not get the Sandhill review Press link to to work.) Short stories, poems, etc. put out once a year by the San Mateo County Fair. The first pages from Chapter Zero of my novel are in it. My chapter is about 20 pages, so they printed the first four, ending on a great line of laughing dialog from the Two Dudes: “Butt web! Huh huh huh!” I will soon put in a link to the book on my published page. (I wanna read and write a little before bedtime.)

I sat at the signing table and signed my chapter in that book. Don’t I look happy? Okay, it was mostly other writers passing their Carry The Light books, signing each other’s stories. But it was fun! I felt like Holly Hansson! (Chapter Zero has her at a signing table in a comic book and coffee shop.) I took a picture at the signing table. (This is staged. The signing was over, so I had a couple of the writers pose with me.) Missy Kirtley is on one side of me, William Albert Baldwin on the other side, and in front of me is the little placard I made. Missy has a kid superhero story in Carry the Light! KEWL!

This makes three published Super Holly stories. I still have one to finish and submit to Fault Zone by June 30 (deadline was extended), and two others to put out on Kindle.

P.S. I’ve been published on paper before. I used to write the Strom’s Index column for Amazing Heroes magazine. But that was back in the days of Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

P.P.S. I found a typo in my chapter. My fault. Sigh.

Sad Puppies? Or Eye of Argon?

Sometimes bad writing inspires me with the thought, “I can do better than THAT!” Not this time.

This year’s Hugo awards (the People’s Choice awards for science fiction) have been swamped by the sad puppies and the rabid puppies. You can check the awfulness of the short story nominees in this blog post by Andrew Hickey.

I work hard on my short stories. I craft, edit, chop up, reassemble. And then a short story with a paragraph like this gets nominated for a Hugo this year.

“Eight point nine decaseconds later, the Hermes-class corvette ATSV Swiftsure rolls onto its belly and opens fire with twin 100 mm projectile cannons at a range of ninety kilometers from its closest companion. At such range the hyper-accelerated bolts of metal shred the second ship’s hull. The second ship returns fire with a set of 12 cm lasers that cut perfectly straight swathes of armor plating from Swiftsure. Atmospheric gases spray out of the violated hull in glittering white streams.”

This sounds awfully familiar … oh yes, the worst story ever written, The Eye of Argon!

“He has slept three times and had been fed five times since his awakening in the crypt. However, when the actions of the body are restricted its needs are also affected. The need for nourishmnet and slumber are directly proportional to the functions the body has performed, meaning that when free and active Grignr may become hungry every six hours and witness the desire for sleep every fifteen hours, whereas in his present condition he may encounter the need for food every ten hours, and the want for rest every twenty hours.”

At least the Eye of Argon was consistent about spelling out numbers. Although it violates hulls in a slightly grander fashion.

“The disemboweled mercenary crumpled from his saddle and sank to the clouded sward, sprinkling the parched dust with crimson droplets of escaping life fluid.”

There’s more. The same supposedly Hugo-worthy short story has this sentence. So much wrong in so little space.

“Disabling an enemy warship is not enough; they must be crippled, damaged, destroyed.”

I’m jerked from singular to plural. My sense of opposites is assaulted: in this context, disabled is a synonym for crippled and damaged. I offer this rewrite.

“Disabling an enemy warship is not enough; it must be destroyed.”

Simple, short, and direct. Even a Dalek would smile at that. As for these puppy stories, I urge a vote of no award. In other words …