Hilmar says hi to me.

Yesterday I was in my hometown of Hilmar, CA. A little central valley dairy town 20 miles south of Modesto. It was for the funeral of my aunt Barbera. 95 when she went.

During the little luncheon after the service, people kept coming up to me and asking, David, you remember me? My response was usually that my facial recognition softweare has never been good. But the instant they told me their name, the wonderful, decades-old voice and face memories FLOODED in. I notice the voice flooded first. I handed my Super Holly card out to a few of them.

In case my fellow Hilmarites check my blog, hi! It was great seeing you again. Yes, I do have a couple of Super Holly Hansson stories published in Scripting Change, an annual small anthology put out for charity every year.

Click here to go to my published stories page. 

I have written Holly’s wedding scene. Aunt Barbara plays the organ. I think she should have an expanded role in my upcoming stories. Aunt Barbara was quiet, independent, kind, always helping others, and if you knew her, you knew she was right. This is someone Holly needs in her life. And it is also my way of bring a little Barbara back into the world.

Memories will be a part of Holly. Longing for her past life that is always going a little father out of reach.

P.S. What is upcoming? I am working on the second draft of a story due by the end of the month. I will publish Super Bad Hair Day and The Poet and the Supersplainer after that. And I should figure out what I want to give away for free.


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