Storyist 3 for iPad: here’s my plug.

I use Storyist to write my stories. I met Steve Shepard years ago at a MacWorld Expo, when those were around. Nowadays, I do most of my creative writing on my iPad with Storyist and an Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

The iPad Storyist app was just updated with some nice improvements. Like now you can back up to Dropbox AND to iCloud. I am sticking with Dropbox for now. Also, it has auto-sync if you wish to use it. And I do wish, it saves me the bother of syncing from my iPad.

If you use an iPad and a Macintosh, and you like to write novels, short stories, and/or screenplays, take a look at Storyist. It was great before, and it is better now.

P.S. I had a little bit of trouble with the Mac version converting to .doc Word files (my paragraph returns were changed to a non-searchable character). Easy fix: now I convert to .docx instead of .doc. Works perfectly. Mac Storyist converts to lots of formats, even ebook. Useful if you want to get an idea what it might look like on a mobile device, I converted a story to ebook and checked the cover art on my phone, my Kindle Paperwhite, and my iPad.

P.P.S. I still wish Steve would create an Android version of Storyist. I prefer Android for my phone.



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