COFFEE! Smooth French press cold brewing!

I am a writer. I love coffee. Why? My cousin Ben once looked down at me (he is six-foot-six) and asked, “Dave! Do you drink?” Very little, I answered. “Do you smoke?” No. “Do you do drugs?” No. “You’re a writer! Writers are supposed to have addictions!” I drink coffee, I answered.

A friend of mine, “Mondo” Brian, recently asked me about an old cold brew coffee kit I bought years ago. I told him I used it a couple of times, then stopped. Cold brew, as in you let the coffee grounds steep in cool water for about 12 hours, instead of hot water for 4 minutes. This leads to lots less acid in the final coffee, making for a smooth culpa coffee. As in SSSSSSSSMMMOOOOOOOTTTTTHHHHH!!!! YUM!

Mondo found a recipe online to make cold brew in a French press. I love using my French press. I used it to cold brew, and modified the online recipe slightly so I get the maximum amount of coffee. Here it is.


Tools: A coffee grinder. A 32 ounce French press (standard size).

Ingredients: 1 and 1/3 cups coffee beans, medium to dark roast (I like medium). About 4 cups cold water (I filter my drinking water).

  1. Grind the beans in a fairly coarse grind. I use a burr grinder.
  2. Add the ground coffee to the French press.
  3. Pour in most of the water, nearly to the top. Stir a little to mix; I find my grounds tend to float.
  4. After several minutes, moosh the floating grounds (my grounds have a tremendous will to not drown) into the water.
  5. Add enough water to fill up the French press without spilling. You will have used a little bit less than 4 cups of H2O.
  6. Cover the French press (I use a little square of aluminum foil.
  7. Wait 12 hours.
  8. A little foam is likely to have formed at the top. Skim it off with a spoon; that makes for easier pressing. (NOTE: Especially do this if you are doing the 4 minute hot method, you are less likely to spill and get nasty burns).
  9. Put in the plunger and press.
  10. Pour the coffee into a container that can hold at least 4 cups.
  11. Prepare and pour (or sip) some of that SSSSMMMMMMOOTH coffee down your throat.

The coffee will be very smooth, and concentrated. You should add a little water if you like your coffee black. I generally add milk and sweetener, and maybe a little bit of water.

P.S. Super Holly Hansson shares my love of coffee. I put some of my flaws in her, and some of my likes. I made her favorite hangout The Geek Guy’s Comics and Coffee Corner. Although in real life, comic books and coffee and the occasional small child might not mix well.


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