With superheroine powers, there also comes no pants?

Holly’s supersuit has no pants. The usual leggy look. I do have my reasons.

Holly fights like a boxer, not like those pretzel-backboned contortionists in the superhero movies. (Not that I mind, but if you remember Sally from the Encyclopedia Brown books, she fought off Bugs Meany like a boxer, not a gymnast.) How many boxers do you see with long pants?

Holly’s supersuit is based on the Overlady, Holly’s protagonist from her graphic novel. The Overlady uses her looks as a weapon. She wants men to either look at her face, or to look down like they are standing before a queen. Hence, cover the chest, but not the legs or the face.

But the biggest reason? I want to poke fun at the way superheroines are drawn. And so many of their costumes show off butt cheeks. How do they fight in those cheeky suits? Do they use glue to not have a creeping-up wedgie during action-packed times? Holly’s supersuit exposes NO butt-cheek: none, zero, zip. But it does try to creep up a little bit. So Holly tugs at her costume once in a while, often with a “Grr.” A running gag. As a writer, I like that.

I found a comic about the no-pants (and butt-cheek) issue. I put it into this post. Enjoy. 


P.S. I posted this from my iPad, using the WordPress app. I will see how it looks later.


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