Cinequest: Survival kids, and where’s a Klingon when you need one?

Walked out of the Maze Runner (yes, THAT Maze Runner) and instead saw Operation Arctic, about three Norwegian kids stranded on an Arctic island. Those kids made some mistakes, but I say they still had more brains than all the Maze Runner kids combined. One maze kid says no matter what you think of to get out of this prison, we tried it twice, we’ve been here years. I thought of something, and I watched the movie less than fifteen minutes. And what’s with having every new prisoner fight the leader? They are in a tall wall prison guarded by killer robots. To rephrase what was said to Al Capone: Maze kids, your fists are no good there!

Also saw Three Windows and a Hanging. It has won awards. Quiet, slow, no big fights or bangs, and it held my interest. It covers the touchy theme of cultures where if a woman is raped, she shames the family’s honor. Still, I admit I wanted Star Trek next gen’s Worf to beam down, grab that village’s leader by the neck, hoist him high, and growl, “I am KLINGON, and you have NO honor!” It’s the geek in me.


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