A comfy superheroine and a jerk artist

Comic book artist Erik Larsen hates Ms. Marvel’s costume.  Evidently, he thinks it is ugly, bulky, and would get in her way. Not like the usual swimsuit that is what, 90 percent of superheroine costumes nowadays?
ms-marvel-happyTake a gander at it.
It looks practical and comfortable and Ms. Marvel looks happy. Maybe because her costume is not riding up her rear? Her power is being able to expand or contract her entire body, or any part of it. (I can hear Beavis and Butt-Head laughing. Stop it, she’s only fifteen!) It makes for punching and running art that is funhouse mirror fun. The costume expands and contracts with her (unstable molecules?), so the costume-getting-in-the-way excuse is no reason to stuff her into a swimsuit.
I have an eight year old girl character with cat superpowers: Kittygirl. I have not thought much about Kittygirl’s costume. She’s a little young to put on a uniform and go to superhero work. When it is time to do that, I will not hire Erik. Cats hate thongs.
P.S. Yeah, Holly does not wear pants. I will elaborate on that, having found a picture about the subject that I liked.

Cinequest: Survival kids, and where’s a Klingon when you need one?

Walked out of the Maze Runner (yes, THAT Maze Runner) and instead saw Operation Arctic, about three Norwegian kids stranded on an Arctic island. Those kids made some mistakes, but I say they still had more brains than all the Maze Runner kids combined. One maze kid says no matter what you think of to get out of this prison, we tried it twice, we’ve been here years. I thought of something, and I watched the movie less than fifteen minutes. And what’s with having every new prisoner fight the leader? They are in a tall wall prison guarded by killer robots. To rephrase what was said to Al Capone: Maze kids, your fists are no good there!

Also saw Three Windows and a Hanging. It has won awards. Quiet, slow, no big fights or bangs, and it held my interest. It covers the touchy theme of cultures where if a woman is raped, she shames the family’s honor. Still, I admit I wanted Star Trek next gen’s Worf to beam down, grab that village’s leader by the neck, hoist him high, and growl, “I am KLINGON, and you have NO honor!” It’s the geek in me.

Cinequest: Motormouth Inspiration! And a twin.

I saw “Songs She Wrote About People She Knows” at Cinequest. A very funny movie. The lead actress gives an emotionally restrained an d singing performance that reminds me of Buster Keaton and Daffy Duck: she did not have the most lines, but boy can she emote! Her face was a joy to watch. She was paired with a guy who was a motormouth. His blabbing was a symphony of laughs. She and he were a perfect duet.

I need a bit of motormouth in my writing.I am thinking of my scene where fanboys argue with the villainous John Glutt. John does a lot of windbag exposition. Fanboys love to argue. I need to rewrite that into rapid-fire dialogue. Readers do not skip dialogue.

cinequest-twinP.S. I met my twin at Cinequest. At least, according to his friends and his wife. (Well, I assume it was after their lips touched). I am the one on the left. Or is it the right? Darn you, my evil twin! Or is he the good one?

Cinequest: an old email from Richard von Busack

Last night, I saw the old restored black and white movie L’Atalante. It was hosted by Richard von Busack, the chief film and literature writer for Metro Newspapers. Years ago, Richard reviewed the Cowboy Bebop movie and said the character Edward was the most irritating character in cartoondom. I emailed him and mentioned several more annoying cartoon characters, such as Orko, Snarf, Hello Kitty, and a few others, one that was a true horror. Below is his reply, showing that he too knows his cartoons. I reprint it with his permission, editing out a little non-cartoon stuff at the start. Yeah, he remembered this after about ten years!

Dear David–
     Thank you for the praise and for your funny and even-handed (under the circumstances) letter. I saw that Hello Kitty animated, and it befouled the world by its very existence. I thought the point of Hello Kitty was that she had no mouth. And all of a sudden she’s saying these cutesy-poo things and trying to molest a bulldog in some kind of distressing cross-species romance.
     The bad magician character [Orko] in He Man was deeply hideous and turned up in a drawing by Butch Bradley in one of Peter Bagge’s comics…I never saw Thundercats, but they, too…
     oh, why pussyfoot: Scrappy Doo is a horror beyond reckoning, and the fact that he turns out to be the villain in the Scooby Doo movie gave it a few points in my book. Not that “points in my book” is worth much at the bank. Scrappy Doo’s annoying Brooklyn accent, his hydrocephalic head, his psychotic willingness to pick fights, places him below many other Hanna-Barbarous nervous-system abraders including Ogee (toddler slave master of Magilla Gorilla) and Tubs and Tyke–whalewatchers in Moby Dick: The Godawful Cartoon Series. Let’s remember least loved cartoon characters like Sick Sick Sidney the complaining elephant, would be hip 60’s Poochy-progenitors like Kool Kat, Drive-in movie fly repellant like Honey Halfwitch…I really should have watched my tongue about Edward,
who is merely the most aggravating JAPANESE cartoon character, making Sailor Moon look like Susan Sontag.
     Let’s don’t forget Ku Klux Clam and Yellowbelly Yak–best, Richard