R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, or why I can raise my right eyebrow

spock-browsThe original Star Trek series was on our CRT TVs when I was 11-13. I was skinny, geeky, a social misfit, and I got straight As. I identified with Spock, what could be more logical? But he could do two things I could not: render people unconscious by putting his hand on their necks, and raise his eyebrow to show that his logical brain was processing. I calculated the illogic of trying to learn a Vulcan neck pinch. However, I could learn to raise an eyebrow.
Thus came many nights lying in bed, training my left eyebrow to stay still while I raised my right. Good thing it was dark and I was alone, else my older brother would have laughed or my mom would have called a doctor. To this day, I can raise my right eyebrow, but not my left. One eyebrow is sufficient to silently externalize my logical thought process. Two would be illogical.
My character Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert thinks like Spock, fights like Batman, and writes like Roger Ebert. The Spock part came first. Thank you, Leonard. I shall keep a small part of Spock alive.

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, or why I can raise my right eyebrow

  1. I can easily raise my LEFT eyebrow on its own. If I’m expressing doubt, I will scrunch my right eyebrows while raising the left. I think the latter comes naturally, while the former might be related to my own Star Trek emulation. My RIGHT eyebrow, on the other hand, is resistant to being raised, and it takes concentration and effort to get it to move up, and cooperation from the left side to remain in place. My alternative skill is in making the Vulcan hand salute — and then crossing both pairs of fingers.

  2. Great comedic tribute to a legend. I have a hard time with the whole eyebrow thing, sadly!

    (I’ve missed a few of your comments and can’t seem to remember where they are posted. School’s been super busy and I’ve been out of the loop. I did review Birdman though. I remember you asking, and I was planning to reply, but could not find the post. It’s a fantastic flick).

    • I should ping you to read my post from Richard von Busack, taken from an email correspondence we had years ago. Richard had a nice take on annoying cartoon characters, showing some geek cred.

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