Cinequest: An aspie writer does good!

Saw “Aspie Seeks Love” last night. David V. Matthews (remember that name) stars in this documentary about a 40ish guy with Asperger’s who is writing stories and seeking love. I gave it a 10. If you see this flick at Cinequest in San Jose, CA (3/1 4:48pm, 3/4 2:45pm), you will root for David.

David is charming, geeky, funny, and smart. He has Asperger’s mannerisms, such as the direct honesty, the precise manner of speaking (especially the slightly over-pronounced way that he pronounces “Asperger’s”). I might have read that Asperger’s have trouble forming relationships, but David seemed genuine in wanting a love live, a soul mate, and showed heartfelt affection for …

Aw, heck, I know what I wanna talk about, David is a WRITER! In the flick, David did readings from his stories at public venues (art houses, etc.). He got laughs from his audience, and from the theater audience. His humor seemed similar to mine: sarcastic and honest, kind and a bit self-depricating. (During the scene where the people at the art house blabbed during his reading, I felt David’s pain as a fellow open mic guy.) 

I talked with David after the flick. Really nice guy. Better dressed than me too, in suit and eye-catching tie. (In better shape too, slim as a strip of beef jerky, maybe it’s because he’s vegan.) He did not always look me in the eye, but he did not go out of his way to look away. When I told him about what I was writing, he showed real interest. I felt a bond with his writer life. And with his sense of humor. Hmm, maybe I shoud be tested for Asperger’s, the way I am identifying with him. Nah, I know what the doctor would say. “You’re not aspie, Dave, you’re just a geek.”

I bought his collection of short stories: Meltdown In The Cereal Aisle. You can find it on Kindle. (He warned me about mature content, but I am fine with that.) I shall dive into it very soon.


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