East Bay Comic Con: some reviews

Here are a few quick reviews of comic books I bought at the East Bay Comic Con. Since I did not even try to get a ticket for the San Diego Comic Con, I am doing more small cons.

Villain. This is mature, as in violence and nasty words. The art gets the visuals across well enough (okay, my standards are high). And the writing? Sweet! This is a Breaking Bad type of story, doing some justice to that genre. This is a what if the bad guy wins story. The storyline builds. Takes a long time before the main character does the really big bad guy thing to a good guy, while the path of the villain stays compelling the entire time. I bought the first three issues and read the rest online. I will keep following this story. It has me hooked. The characters have real motivations for what they do. Recommended!

Zombie Tramp #1. Zombie cheesecake art. And a funny story. A nice change from the Walking Dead time-to-start-living-MACHO stories. Mature and silly fun! (P.S. If The Walking Dead’s Governor went against Janey Belle? I’d give him less than a minute before she eats him alive. Smiling the whole time.)

Tall Tales From The Badlands 2 and 3 (I already had #1). Anthology of Twilight Zone short stories set in the old west. The black and white art and the well written stories keep me coming back. Rod Serling would be proud. (P.S. The website blackjack-press.com does not go anywhere on Safari on my Mac.)

P.P.S. I’d put some pix in this post, but it is a little too close to bedtime.


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