Female Super Teams? Oh, yeah!

a-forceAfter so many sausage-fest (I mean, all-male) teams, I want to see more women teams. I want to see the dynamics and the dialogue and every other way that the team would feel more femalely.

The new Ghostbusters movie will be an all-female team. Great idea, except for one thing: the original movie was a four star movie. Siskel and Ebert (remember them?) said why not remake a lousy movie to be a good one instead? (Cough, cough, Battlestar Galactica, cough). My advice: you got great actresses, you’ll have great special effects, but the movie will not be worth a hill of beans unless you have a GREAT script!

And we have a new Marvel Avenger team coming up: A-Force. “Joy of joys” says the comic book geek (yeah, I just said that), I’ll try it out! Why? She-Hulk will be on the team, and hopefully she will get to use her lawyer skills, I love her in the courtroom (I am watching Better Call Saul while I write this). What is even more promising? A-Force will be written by FEMALE WRITERS! One of them, Willow Wilson, is writing the new Ms. Marvel, a teenage superheroine who is learning the ropes and is the most entertaining girl superhero on the comic racks right now. (Well, Batgirl is pretty good right now. Readers, pipe up if you know some more out now worth reading.)

We need more female-lead actresses, more female superheroes, and more female writers for comic books and movies. Sausage is okay, but too much in the diet can clog the arteries. And how the heck else will I be able to write Super Holly well if I do not have role models?

By the way, I advise the A-Force ladies to avoid supersuits that ride up their butts. Super Holly really hates when that happens, especially during a fight and she can’t yank it back into place and she’ll growl and the villain will get scared for the wrong reason.


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