Cinequest: An aspie writer does good!

Saw “Aspie Seeks Love” last night. David V. Matthews (remember that name) stars in this documentary about a 40ish guy with Asperger’s who is writing stories and seeking love. I gave it a 10. If you see this flick at Cinequest in San Jose, CA (3/1 4:48pm, 3/4 2:45pm), you will root for David.

David is charming, geeky, funny, and smart. He has Asperger’s mannerisms, such as the direct honesty, the precise manner of speaking (especially the slightly over-pronounced way that he pronounces “Asperger’s”). I might have read that Asperger’s have trouble forming relationships, but David seemed genuine in wanting a love live, a soul mate, and showed heartfelt affection for …

Aw, heck, I know what I wanna talk about, David is a WRITER! In the flick, David did readings from his stories at public venues (art houses, etc.). He got laughs from his audience, and from the theater audience. His humor seemed similar to mine: sarcastic and honest, kind and a bit self-depricating. (During the scene where the people at the art house blabbed during his reading, I felt David’s pain as a fellow open mic guy.) 

I talked with David after the flick. Really nice guy. Better dressed than me too, in suit and eye-catching tie. (In better shape too, slim as a strip of beef jerky, maybe it’s because he’s vegan.) He did not always look me in the eye, but he did not go out of his way to look away. When I told him about what I was writing, he showed real interest. I felt a bond with his writer life. And with his sense of humor. Hmm, maybe I shoud be tested for Asperger’s, the way I am identifying with him. Nah, I know what the doctor would say. “You’re not aspie, Dave, you’re just a geek.”

I bought his collection of short stories: Meltdown In The Cereal Aisle. You can find it on Kindle. (He warned me about mature content, but I am fine with that.) I shall dive into it very soon.


R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, or why I can raise my right eyebrow

spock-browsThe original Star Trek series was on our CRT TVs when I was 11-13. I was skinny, geeky, a social misfit, and I got straight As. I identified with Spock, what could be more logical? But he could do two things I could not: render people unconscious by putting his hand on their necks, and raise his eyebrow to show that his logical brain was processing. I calculated the illogic of trying to learn a Vulcan neck pinch. However, I could learn to raise an eyebrow.
Thus came many nights lying in bed, training my left eyebrow to stay still while I raised my right. Good thing it was dark and I was alone, else my older brother would have laughed or my mom would have called a doctor. To this day, I can raise my right eyebrow, but not my left. One eyebrow is sufficient to silently externalize my logical thought process. Two would be illogical.
My character Cal “The Intellectual” Critbert thinks like Spock, fights like Batman, and writes like Roger Ebert. The Spock part came first. Thank you, Leonard. I shall keep a small part of Spock alive.

East Bay Comic Con: some reviews

Here are a few quick reviews of comic books I bought at the East Bay Comic Con. Since I did not even try to get a ticket for the San Diego Comic Con, I am doing more small cons.

Villain. This is mature, as in violence and nasty words. The art gets the visuals across well enough (okay, my standards are high). And the writing? Sweet! This is a Breaking Bad type of story, doing some justice to that genre. This is a what if the bad guy wins story. The storyline builds. Takes a long time before the main character does the really big bad guy thing to a good guy, while the path of the villain stays compelling the entire time. I bought the first three issues and read the rest online. I will keep following this story. It has me hooked. The characters have real motivations for what they do. Recommended!

Zombie Tramp #1. Zombie cheesecake art. And a funny story. A nice change from the Walking Dead time-to-start-living-MACHO stories. Mature and silly fun! (P.S. If The Walking Dead’s Governor went against Janey Belle? I’d give him less than a minute before she eats him alive. Smiling the whole time.)

Tall Tales From The Badlands 2 and 3 (I already had #1). Anthology of Twilight Zone short stories set in the old west. The black and white art and the well written stories keep me coming back. Rod Serling would be proud. (P.S. The website does not go anywhere on Safari on my Mac.)

P.P.S. I’d put some pix in this post, but it is a little too close to bedtime.

Gotham can’t do that! Or can it?

I was at the East Bay comic con in Concord (CA) today. Bought Indy comics and books, oh, I love that stuff. Reviews and a few pics to come.

And I got to hear a fanboy discussion. A guy was talking rather earnestly with a tall guy cosplayed as the Joker. The TV show Gotham can’t do the Joker, he pleadingly argued, because the Joker was created when the (adult) Red Hood fell into that vat of acid!

Okay, I’d agree. Except for the Gotham ad where the guy playing pre-acid Joker nails it as well as Hugh Jackman nailed Wolverine in the first movie. BAM!

Female Super Teams? Oh, yeah!

a-forceAfter so many sausage-fest (I mean, all-male) teams, I want to see more women teams. I want to see the dynamics and the dialogue and every other way that the team would feel more femalely.

The new Ghostbusters movie will be an all-female team. Great idea, except for one thing: the original movie was a four star movie. Siskel and Ebert (remember them?) said why not remake a lousy movie to be a good one instead? (Cough, cough, Battlestar Galactica, cough). My advice: you got great actresses, you’ll have great special effects, but the movie will not be worth a hill of beans unless you have a GREAT script!

And we have a new Marvel Avenger team coming up: A-Force. “Joy of joys” says the comic book geek (yeah, I just said that), I’ll try it out! Why? She-Hulk will be on the team, and hopefully she will get to use her lawyer skills, I love her in the courtroom (I am watching Better Call Saul while I write this). What is even more promising? A-Force will be written by FEMALE WRITERS! One of them, Willow Wilson, is writing the new Ms. Marvel, a teenage superheroine who is learning the ropes and is the most entertaining girl superhero on the comic racks right now. (Well, Batgirl is pretty good right now. Readers, pipe up if you know some more out now worth reading.)

We need more female-lead actresses, more female superheroes, and more female writers for comic books and movies. Sausage is okay, but too much in the diet can clog the arteries. And how the heck else will I be able to write Super Holly well if I do not have role models?

By the way, I advise the A-Force ladies to avoid supersuits that ride up their butts. Super Holly really hates when that happens, especially during a fight and she can’t yank it back into place and she’ll growl and the villain will get scared for the wrong reason.

Call Me Pomeroy! a short review

pomeroyJames Hanna used to run the monthly open mics for the Peninsula Writers Club. He read/performed his Pomeroy stories, and I read stores about my superheroine. James was a good performer. In my opinion, I performed a little better. I am good at that.

But darn it, James is a better writer! In his latest novel, Call Me Pomeroy, his Pomeroy character needs no open mic actor to come to life. That crazy narcissist leaps off the page (or your Kindle), straps you into his skull, and tears around like a roller coaster. Like the smartest and the stupidest supervillains, “Ol’ Pomeroy” often refers to himself in third person and always refuses to see his own mistakes. But like Popeye’s pal J. Wellington Wimpy, Pomeroy is neither hero nor villain. He is a homeless anti-hero who lusts for fame, and who thinks that all women lust for him, and his rollicking internal dialog tells the reader in a variety of colorful ways exactly what part of him women lust for the most.

James has worked in the criminal justice system, so he had plenty of material to work with. As sexist, conceited, conspiracy-theorizing, and own-worst-enemy crazy as Pomeroy is, you will laugh with him as often as you laugh at him. Read Pomeroy. He is worth your time. Which in my case, was over way too soon. I ate up the book fast. So fast that I think I will eat it a second time! (COUGH! PAH-TOOEY! Oh boy, there it is again!)