Jigsaw Holly!

The Sunnyvale Art Gallery is a cool place. I have done many open mic readings there. And from now until March 28 (closing reception is 7-9 pm 3/28), they have the Jigsaw Canvas art display. Super Holly Hansson is now in her first public art display.

Here is how the Jigsaw Canvas is built. Artists get a small block of artificial wood upon which to put art: paint, ink, gourds, or in my case, several drawings of Holly printed on paper and glued onto the block. Now Batton Lash‘s artwork of Holly is on public display. If you are within driving distance of Sunnyvale, California, consider taking a look at the Jigsaw Canvas. And even contributing some art! As of now, the Jigsaw Canvas covers two very large walls. If you like a piece of the Jigsaw Canvas, and if the artist gave permission, you can buy it (the money will go to charity).

I was there last Saturday, at the opening reception. I showed off the little part of the Jigsaw Canvas with Holly in it. I was feeling artistic. As artistic as an aspiring writer can get.


Here is the Holly art up close.


Thanks again to Batton Lash for doing this wonderful art for me. I drew his URL onto  the left edge of the block: artists deserve credit! (I put the URL of this blog on there also.) If Batton sells one more book or comics due to the Jigsaw Canvas, I will be happy.



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