The Girl Who Would Be King by Kelly Thompson

I recently read “The Girl Who Would Be King” by Kelly Thompson. It sucked. In that it sucked me right in and I finished it fast and I enjoyed it a lot.

Kelly does two first person points of view: the psycho supervillainess and the heroic superheroine. And it works. I rode in their heads, even though they were young ladies and I am nearly sixty. And I did not get mixed up as to whose head it was. This is enough to make me think about trying duo first person POV in my novel.

Kelly says Josh Whedon is an influence. If you like Josh, I think you will like this book. And it often was a roller coaster. The character have super healing powers, which they use that a lot, since super strength fights do lots of damage when you are not invulnerable. I cringed nicely at well-described battle damage to hands, torsos, necks, and other neat stuff.

The tone is grim, but a good kind of grim. Not the grim-cuz-gritty-is-cool stuff that infects way too many comics (cough, DC, cough) nowadays, this feels real. Well, as real as superpowers can get.

A slight flaw: there were a few minor editing errors. Not a big deal.

This book is a spicy candy bar. Eat it up.


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