Squirrel Girl Totally RULEZ!

Unbeatable-Squirrel-Girl_612x380Last week, Marvel Comics published The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1. They have a letters page, in which the creative team said that, “This book is an experiment: can a book like this find an audience?” It found me, and I found it. What, a superhero comic book that is upbeat, happy, cute, colorful, funny, and not dark and grim and gritty? I remember that little girl in the comic book shop, her daddy should take her back and buy her some Squirrel Girl. A sweet role model who is NOT a princess! Let’s have more ray-of-sunshine hero(ine)s like THIS!!!!

Squirrel Girl sings her theme song (sorta like an old spidery song in the 60s) in the first three pages while making a bunch of muggers “reevaluat(e) the choices that led me to a criminal liiiiiife!” And she beats Kraven the Hunter while mentally sipping coffee! And she’s gonna go up against big bad Galactus (who is most definitely NOT a cloud)! How cool is THAT?

Who would win in a fight, Super Holly Hansson or Squirrel Girl? Holly is the Superman of her world, but Squirrel Girl has “Unbeatable” in her title. Holly would not want to fight, she’d want to hang at a nice coffee shop and talk superheroine shop. “So you really beat Doctor Doom, S.G.?” “Yup, me and my happy squirrel horde! Can I nibble on your walnut tart?” “Sure, if I can call you for help next time I face a nutty villain. You gotta catch phrase? I use,” Holly makes her patent-pending giant telekinetic fist, “Talk to the hands!” S.G. makes a cute buck-tooth smile and says, “Mine’s ‘Let’s get nuts!'”

I am nuts for Squirrel Girl, and you should go nuts too! Buy her comic and make the world a happier place!

P.S. It was sold out at my comic book shop, so I bought a digital copy. Did it through Comixology so I could have my digital comics all in one app. It looks great on my iPad Air.

P.P.S. My 100th post! YAY!


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