A header change, and an open mic

Holly belongs in my header pic, so now she is there. That change was a long time coming. I bumped Dev-Em to my about page.

I did an open mic last night, my short story in this year’s Scripting Change. I did not use any music, I should not rely on what I do not own. Instead, I got more animated when I did my reading. More grand gestures, such as an uppercut fist and holding up a comic book (actually my iPad) to fend off the evil teacher. More character voice: getting more screechy Wicked-Witch-of-the-West evil with the Word Witch’s voice. And more sound effects: a kiss, a little lip smacking. I should try that again, it seemed to go over well. The younger people liked my performance. I handed them some Holly cards.

Maybe it’s time to practice my performances in front of a mirror. Worked for Jim Carrey.

P.S. It might help if I could attach my iPad to my hand, giving me more freedom of movement. I have a couple ways to do that buried at my place from old MacWorld Expos, hope they are secure. Tossing my iPad across the coffee shop might make me say words not suitable for a younger audience.


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