Supersplaining: a rewrite that is going well.

Remember that story that Fault Zone rejected back in June 2014? I rewrote it to have a better hook at the start. Holly and Cal are arguing right at the start of the story.

You have heard of mansplaining? This will be supersplaining: Cal telling Holly how she should fight her supervillainess opponent. It really gets on Holly’s nerves, and Holly has a short fuse to start with. I also used the word womansplaining to improve the final line. Beginnings and endings count for a lot.

A nice editor at Zymbol will be editing some of my writing (a perk from Zymbol’s fundraising a while ago). This will be part of the package I send to her this story. For a peek, click here.

P.S. I admit I am curious the take Zymbol will have compared to Fault Zone (whose comments I felt were mostly off base).

P.P.S. Tina, this story is for you. But you knew that already. Thank you, Karate Queen.


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