Only 15,00 words. Sigh. And one surprisingly good chapter.

I have written about 15,000 words this month. All for nanowrimo. But I will have Thanksgiving weekend to do a LOT of writing. Maybe I can hit 25,000 by Dec 1. My goal is to have a complete first draft of my novel by year’s end.

Most of those 15,000 words are first draft ROUGH. But one chapter came out very well. Still needs a couple more drafts, more description and the like. I have read it at four open mics, and it went over well each time. I used the music “The Laser Beam” from Goldfinger as background music.

Yeah, the chapter is inspired by the scene in Goldfinger where James Bond is strapped to a table with the laser beam about to cut him in half (starting at a very sensitive spot for guys), and he says, “What do expect me to do, Goldfinger, talk?” And Goldfinger says, “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” It is also inspired by the old imaginary story where Lex Luthor killed Superman by strapping him to a table and bathing him in a kryptonite ray. Lex Luthor: “Let me turn it up a little more!” Superman: “Ow! OW!!!”

Harry Headbutt, the blow-hard evil hulk-like villain, is the baddie in this chapter, and he was a ball to write. And Holly is tough and defiant in the face of death. And a touch of sweetness at the end with cute little Kittygirl. Sniff, let me wipe my eyes.

Read that chapter here.

P.S. I should NOT go so long between blog posts!


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