Use Your Words!

A few years ago at San Francisco’s APE (Alternative Press Expo), at Keef Knight’s booth, he had his little boy with him. A little boy who was at the age where he was just starting to use more words. And was having the usual little boy mood swings.

I was talking with Keef. Suddenly I saw the boy getting frustrated. And flailing his little fists. And looking like he was about to do the little boy version of “Hulk … SMASH!”

Keef gave his son a wise fatherly smile. He said with a calm writer lilt, “Use your words.”

It worked perfectly. Keef’s son lowered his little fists, and calmed down, and sunk into deep thought. Looking for his words. Just like daddy.

Writers are great. They have smart kids who value words.

I need more words. I have written only about 10,000 new words this month for Nanowrimo. I’ll do more. I feel good about plugging up holes in my novel.

P.S. I consider Keef a writer. His artwork is great, and the words he puts in it are even better.

P.P.S. Salon just ran an article about what not to ever, ever, EVER say to your toddler, lest he grow up to be a drug fiend, or a rapist, or worse: a Republican. “Use your words” was one of those forbidden expressions. Whoever wrote that article ought to meet more toddlers. Some are smarter than others.


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