Only 15,00 words. Sigh. And one surprisingly good chapter.

I have written about 15,000 words this month. All for nanowrimo. But I will have Thanksgiving weekend to do a LOT of writing. Maybe I can hit 25,000 by Dec 1. My goal is to have a complete first draft of my novel by year’s end.

Most of those 15,000 words are first draft ROUGH. But one chapter came out very well. Still needs a couple more drafts, more description and the like. I have read it at four open mics, and it went over well each time. I used the music “The Laser Beam” from Goldfinger as background music.

Yeah, the chapter is inspired by the scene in Goldfinger where James Bond is strapped to a table with the laser beam about to cut him in half (starting at a very sensitive spot for guys), and he says, “What do expect me to do, Goldfinger, talk?” And Goldfinger says, “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” It is also inspired by the old imaginary story where Lex Luthor killed Superman by strapping him to a table and bathing him in a kryptonite ray. Lex Luthor: “Let me turn it up a little more!” Superman: “Ow! OW!!!”

Harry Headbutt, the blow-hard evil hulk-like villain, is the baddie in this chapter, and he was a ball to write. And Holly is tough and defiant in the face of death. And a touch of sweetness at the end with cute little Kittygirl. Sniff, let me wipe my eyes.

Read that chapter here.

P.S. I should NOT go so long between blog posts!

Use Your Words!

A few years ago at San Francisco’s APE (Alternative Press Expo), at Keef Knight’s booth, he had his little boy with him. A little boy who was at the age where he was just starting to use more words. And was having the usual little boy mood swings.

I was talking with Keef. Suddenly I saw the boy getting frustrated. And flailing his little fists. And looking like he was about to do the little boy version of “Hulk … SMASH!”

Keef gave his son a wise fatherly smile. He said with a calm writer lilt, “Use your words.”

It worked perfectly. Keef’s son lowered his little fists, and calmed down, and sunk into deep thought. Looking for his words. Just like daddy.

Writers are great. They have smart kids who value words.

I need more words. I have written only about 10,000 new words this month for Nanowrimo. I’ll do more. I feel good about plugging up holes in my novel.

P.S. I consider Keef a writer. His artwork is great, and the words he puts in it are even better.

P.P.S. Salon just ran an article about what not to ever, ever, EVER say to your toddler, lest he grow up to be a drug fiend, or a rapist, or worse: a Republican. “Use your words” was one of those forbidden expressions. Whoever wrote that article ought to meet more toddlers. Some are smarter than others.

Zymbol, a worthy literary cause, needs help by Nov 9

zymbol-3-coverI mentioned this before. I will mention again because they are still short of their goal.

From their Indigogo site: “Zymbol was founded in May 2012 to house new and groundbreaking art and literature inspired by symbolism and surrealism.” They have printed my writer friend James Hanna.

For $60, you can get up to 75 pages of your manuscript edited. Such a deal, I did that.

They are very short of their goal. Take a look and think about contributing.


nanowrimo-iconJust a quickie here. November is Nanowrimo: Write a Novel in a Month month! And after a year of re-outlining, and after writing short stories (one or two of which I STILL need to push to Kindle!), I am jumping back into the novel. I am concentrating on chapters that are just outlines. I will enter their word counts into nanowrimo and I’ll see how far I get. My goal is a full first draft of the novel by year’s end. Nanowrimo always brightens my darker November nights (no more daylight savings time for a while).

P.S. I wrote about 2 chapters this weekend. I’d hoped for more, but I had to fill out my ding-dang voter guide today. Okay, I’ll do a little more writing before beddy-bye.


My Nov 2014 vote

I did not think I’d do this anymore. I find less joy in politics. And I’d rather write my stories (how I love November, Nanowrimo month)! But there have been the obnoxious TV ads, and I have to speak up just a little. In order to not clog up my blog, I put it on a page, click the link below if interested.

Go here to see how I will vote.