Meeting short filmmakers!

As in they made short films: the filmmakers I met Sunday at the San Jose Short Film Festival were not physically short. I like meeting filmmakers. They appreciate their audiences. They will talk to them. I like their creative minds.

whenfishflyLisa Rose Snow did When Fish Fly. She said the lead girl in the short got the part when Lisa asked her to emote (not speaking) being sad that her cat had died. Reminded me of when Gene Simmons of Kiss got a part when the director said convince me you want to rip my heart out without saying anything. Lisa is a nice lady with a great taste for color; When Fish Fly has colorful houses, cereal, balloons, and fish.

fosterdogLisa Alonso Vear did Foster Dog, with an adorable dog in the lead. Lisa told me she directed him with laser pointers (I had thought that was a cat thing!). The film has voiceovers for the dogs, and the voices fit perfectly. She said that she is looking to make a feature film. Lisa and the doggie deserve that. I asked if the dog’s agent might demand a raise: bigger laser pointer, yummy doggie treats. That discussion veered slightly into my thoughts on power: I believe power does not corrupt, it just makes you more of what you already are. She felt that power could corrupt, in that we all had some things in us that are, well, kinda icky. It was a friendly discussion. Probably because neither of us have much power.

wildandprecious2Cusi Cram did Wild and Precious, a comedy about family. All the actors were fun to watch, but two really stuck out: the 12 year old girl, and the older, leather-jacketed, uber-tough&cool grandma with the younger biker boyfriend (a nice switch on the older-guy/younger-girl cliche). I have come to love tough female characters since I created Holly Hansson. I think Cusi said this was her first film, and she did GOOD! Please make more, Cusi!

intothedarkLukas Hassel did Into The Dark, a SciFi short with a twist ending. He also was the lead actor, and did the entire performance while strapped to a metal grid. Now, THAT is something to put on the resume! He said that a big theme for the short is the five steps to accepting death, and that we might think we are independent but we all need people. By the way, I did not recognize he was the actor until he said so: he is much taller and less scruffy in real life. He says he made it to help open the door to full-length screenplays. I identify with that, having switched from my novel to short stories. Try to prime the pump.

Several of these wonderful filmmakers gave me cards. I gave them my Holly cards. Now I’d better get my short stories out. If they can get on big movie screens, I can get onto Kindles.


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