Hellyfish RULEZ!!! (I HEART the San Jose Short Film Festival!)

hellyfish_posterI’ve been at the San Jose Short Film Festival Friday and Saturday. Short films from around the world. Smart, funny, scary, thoughtful, and I’ll be there tomorrow also. My faves so far:

HELLYFISH! Radioactive-mutated killer jellyfish! A tough Russian lady! Dumb surf guys and almost as dumb beach babes! A crusty old salt! FUN! I met the filmmaker, Patrick Longstreth, and his wife. I asked if he was inspired by older horror movies. He said, yes, and that Jaws and Piranha and beach horror movies start at night. Patrick did most of the special effects, and his killer jellyfish are funny and KEWL! He gave me a sticker and a card. I think I’ll put it on my iPad, since I do a lot of writing with it. He mentioned that he liked Sharktopus better than Sharknado, and I agreed. I gave him my Holly card. He and his wife liked it. I think there is a connection with indie people.

Other shorts that fit me nice and tight:

Gear. Blade-Runner-esque, except Gear keeps the story tight. The filmmakers said they kept the story focussed on Mazzy (the girl hero) and her relationship with the robot. The story structure, foreshadowing, and character development were perfect.

Cooped. Cartoon of doggie who really wants to go out. Plympton-esque hilarity.

Rabbit and Deer. Long at 17 minutes, and it held my interest the whole time. Plays with 2D and 3D animation, and how Rabbit and Deer maintain their love through the third dimension.

Shotgun. Three girls burn rubber and toast film cliches.

One Armed Man. Starred Charles Haid, who played Renko in Hill Street Blues. This guy is a great actor. During a Q&A (and between my coughs, still had a cold), I said that writers get advice like show don’t tell, write what you know, and so on, and I asked if there is such advice for actors. To thine own self be true, he said, find the emotion in yourself, and also get your SELF out of the way. He was more elegant about it. He teaches acting, he directs, this guy was GOOD.

Catch trailers for The Gunfighter, Rabbit and Deer here.


2 thoughts on “Hellyfish RULEZ!!! (I HEART the San Jose Short Film Festival!)

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  2. Hellyfish looks hilarious. I’m shocked that it is only a short. I got to check this out! That poster is magnificent!

    Nice write-up! I enjoyed the information that you shared from your cool experience meeting these filmmakers:)

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