Convolution: Typing other authors?

I was at Convolution (a small SciFi/Fantasy convention) last weekend. I went to two types of panels: writing advice and women in SciFi/Fantasy.

In a writing advice panel, one writer advised that we take a page or two from our favorite authors and type those pages verbatim. Gives you a feel for how that author writes. Maybe I’ll learn something, stepping into Asimov’s or Niven’s skin!

I am always, always, always looking for the female viewpoint for my superheroine Holly. One women’s panel made me mentally back away from putting a lot of tomboy into Holly. Perhaps Holly should like dressing up pretty once in a while, although the ladies at the panel seemed fine with Holly’s love of Batman T-shirts. (More for me to learn, I have NO idea how pretty dressing is done!) Holly likes strawberry lip gloss. She will never willingly show cleavage in public: she has issues about that.

I bought indie author books and met more indie writers. Child of the Sword by J.L. Doty, and I had a nice conversation with him, he said the best advertisement for your current book is putting out the next one (Hugh Howey told him). Female Science Fiction Writer by Amy Sterlin Casil, and I started it and it reads nicely.Goodbye from the Edge of Never by Steven Mix. He Said, Sidhe Said by Tanya Huff, Tanya was a panelist I liked so I bought the Kindle copy and showed it to her, hey I bought your book! In hard copy: Paradigm by Helen Stringer, Look Back in Horror by Malcolm Stewart (I have another book of his), and Podthology edited by Timothy Reynolds. Perfectly Invisible by Michael A. Stackpole, an alternate universe where Newt Gingrinch is President, how could I not buy that? Ah, so much to read. I love supporting indie authors.

I also bought a paperback collection of Terry Pratchette short stories. I checked, and the ebook was about the same price as the paperback, which was not cheap. Big publishers hate ebooks.

P.S. I am rewriting the start of the Kittygirl story. Her older brother teases her in the first scene. I’ll post when it’s done. I’m still getting over a cold, I coughed at Convolution. Push push push out the next story.


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