Supergirl on CBS? I’ll hope for the best!

Action_Comics_285I love the current superhero wave in movies and TV. I know it will not last forever, but I’ll enjoy the ride. Just like boogie-boarding a perfectly-caught wave all the way in to shore. Yeah, I like to boogie-board. But only near San Diego, where the ocean is warmer.

Anyway. CBS has just given the green light to a Supergirl TV show from Greg Berlanti (Arrow and The Flash, good; Wrath of the Titans, bad) and Allison Adler (a skirt, thank goodness; and Chuck, Glee and No Ordinary Family: GOOD!).

I admit I’d prefer a lighter, funnier touch than Arrow. We’ll see. (And here I am, getting over a cold by watching Breaking Bad reruns, and loving Gus’s Wile E. Coyote final scene.) I hope the Supergirl show don’t go the way of the current comic book. Supergirl goes rebellious goddessy, then goes angry Red Lantern, then goes cyborg? Sheesh, give the kid a happier life! (The comic book will get a new writing/artist team soon, I’ll check it out.)

P.S. Scripting Change accepted my Holly punching out illiteracy story. Actually, they said they loved it. I love when people love my writing.


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