Captain Underpants and funny descriptions.

I just bought the latest Captain Underpants novel. I recommend Captain Underpants—the goofiest superhero this decade—to anyone who wants a good belly laugh. And to anyone who wants to learn more about funny descriptions. Like me. A few examples:

1: “I just want to soak this moment in,” he said with delight, as fizzy, brown phosphoric acid dribbled down his chins.

2: He smelled the envelope like he was admiring the aroma of a gourmet meal.

3: “Actually, it’s worse than that,” said Mr. Krupp, his yellow teeth glistening in a grin so wide it seemed to stretch beyond the boundaries of his face.

I am in LOVE with number 3! Beats the heck out of “He smiled.” Keep in mind that Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants books have artwork on every page, FUNNY artwork, and Dav STILL writes these funny, vivid descriptions!

I learned something this week: funny descriptions make me laugh. I’ll write more of them.

P.S. His first name is Dav? Makes me think of Dev-Em, the juvenile delinquent from Kyrpton. Maybe Dav’s part Kryptonian. I can say this because I am Dav-Em, I mean Dave M!


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