Publication advice from author Todd Borg

todd borg tahoe chaseAt the Mountain View art and wine festival last weekend, I bought another book from Todd Borg, who seems to know my face now. He writes mystery/thrillers about Tahoe-based detective Owen McKenna and his great dane Spot. I emailed him a little advice about adding tags to his blog, and he was nice enough to email me some advice and a compliment that made me feel good.

I read through many of your blog posts, and I think you are a good writer with a clear voice. I believe that as soon as you start publishing a series of books on Holly or something similar, in graphic form or just prose form, especially if you can do it on Kindle at a low price, you will find an audience that will grow with each new book. From my experience, I think that regular publication is critical, regardless of whether it is monthly, semi-annually, or yearly. That way your readers will anticipate each new publication and spread the word before and after each new book comes out. Not only will you find an audience, but it will grow, and it will monetize your blog because your blog readers will naturally want to buy your books. All they need to be is quality, relatively cheap on Kindle, and produced on a regular schedule.
How’s that for unwanted advice??!! (Sorry about that!) But I rarely see writers who can write well, and you can, so I want you to turn your skill into a profitable career.

Todd, don’t be sorry! I’m sending that story I told you about (Holly punches out illiteracy) to Scripting Change today. Then I’ll push another story to Amazon. You inspire me.

Click here to see a list of Todd’s books. And click here to buy Todd’s books (paper or Kindle). He has won writing awards. He is worth your time. And he’s a nice guy.


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