What was the WORST book you had to read in school?

The word-stealing supervillainess in my story due Sept 15 is a bitter high school english lit teacher. Holly remembers that that old bat stuffed Proust down students’ throats like a stomach pump in reverse.

However, I have never even read Proust. So I would like examples of english lit books shoved at kids with the attitude of, “Eat your Brussels Sprouts and LIKE them, and don’t you DARE do a book report on a book that is (ugh!) FUN!” Yes, I am asking for comments.

Bad book ideas are welcome, but I will need them before Sept 15 if I am to consider them. I’ll start: The Metamorphosis by Kafka was a lousy book for high school. The moral of “people are a burden” is not needed for a teenager.

P.S. This story was inspired by a high school teacher who made our resident flower child do another book report rather than the book she liked based on the Dark Shadows TV series. He said, “Sounds like a sex novel to me!” Kids should be allowed to read books they like once in a while, that is how they fall in love with reading instead of having a loathing of it rammed into their frontal lobes by his evil, elitist hands. He thought he had “A-1 handwriting,” but he had a 4-F teaching style.

P.P.S. I like Brussels Sprouts.


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