Final draft!

Final as in no more major revisions, just editing to sharpen it up. I sent the story to my friend, fellow writer/poet, and black belt in karate Tina Gibson. I admit that already, after sleeping on it, I feel like it needs more editing.

I cut out Cal. He was not needed in this story. Don’t tell Holly or she might get mad at me for breaking up that date. And the story is starting in the comics shop again. The theme of reading comic books.

So here is the start of the story again!


When Batgirl delivered a flying kick to a meaty thug’s mug and quipped, “Bykn hijfdkh stbbbb NARFFF,” I suspected a bad print run. When I opened the next comic book in my stash, where Power Girl said to an guy ogling her super-bosom, “Tb oxow rrr lup rrhg,” I wondered if I was having a stroke at twenty five. But when the store’s clientele told the Geek Guy that they did not want the coffee bar menu written in Klingon, I knew that more than my word balloons had popped.

On the wall mounted television, a panicky anchorman babbled: “This is an emergency news bulletin! Reading in Surfville is impossible! All words are gibberish!”

A guy stared harder at his copy of Chain-Mail Bikini Sword-Babe. “Hey! He’s right!”

The anchorman’s hairdo looked about to undo. “This just in! Thousands of townspeople are zombie-shuffling toward Surfville High School!” He blinked hard. “Oh, the humanity! I can’t read my teleprompter! How can I tell Surfville to stay classy now?”

The Geek Guy closed his cash register. He smiled at me. “So Holly. Time to up, up, and punch out illiteracy?”

I pulled my blue supersuit and red cape out of my yellow hip purse. “Yeah. But can I leave my Batman T-shirt and jeans at the cash register?”

All the fanboys turned to me. As if they did not do that already to the six-foot-one blonde Power Girl lookalike.

I glared at them. “I’m changing in the bathroom.”


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