No more jumpy open mic iPad text!

I write my stories in Storyist on my Mac and my iPad. When I do an open mic, standing in front of a coffee house crowd and reading my story to an audience, I read from my iPad. (And I often play music from the iPad, I plug the iPad into the sound system and it works great!) But my iPad text has been jumping up and away from me. During my last couple of open mics, my finger accidentally tapped the screen.

Before the tap:

iPad storyist 1

And after the tap:

iPad storyist 2

See? The text JUMPED up (click the before and after photos to see the effect). And I lost my place and I fumbled and scrolled and the seconds were tick-tick-ticking by and I did not want dead air cuz the audience might YAWN! Then I found my place and read again and then FINGER-POKE-JUMP again! GRR! (Don’t tell me not to tap the iPad screen, I still have to touch it to scroll to the next page. Hey! I said DON’T!)

But I discovered something that will probably fix the problem. The iPad keyboard can be split and place elsewhere on the screen. Like the top (to get the split keyboard as high as possible, turn off the extended keyboard option in Storyist first). Like this:

iPad storyist 3

I will try that at my next open mic. I hope that will stop the JUMPS. I’d prefer to leave up, up, and away to Superman.


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