Write every day.

I told a friend I need to finish my novel. This friend and fellow writer, poet, and black belt in karate would like to see that, she is a fan of Holly. At her birthday party yesterday, she gave me some advice. She is a pretty blonde twenty years my junior, but she laid down the law like a wise old teacher: I need to write every day. For an hour, for six hours, however long I can, EVERY DAY. That is what finishes stories. Similar advice:

Nora Roberts rule for writing: Ass in chair.

Billy Crystal in Throw Momma From The Train: “A writer writes.”

Gail Carson Levine from “Writing Magic – Creating Stories That Fly”: “The best way to write better is to write more.” She also says to nurture the writing of others.

So I wrote today. I finished writing my detailed outline for my upcoming Scripting Change story. And I started writing the story. My goal: first draft in a few days (1500 words), readable by others within a week. I feel good. Maybe even nurtured.

P.S. Currently, I outline, and then I write. It smooths out the bumps and keeps me focussed. I’ll keep doing that as long as it works. R. Crumb: “Anything that works!”





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