Raging Granny at Litquake Palo Alto!

litquake Jan Harwood 1Raging Grannies are really cool older ladies who promote peace, justice, and equality! (I think they are real-life superheroines!) I met Jan Harwood, a Santa Cruz Raging Granny. She was on the Shrinks with Ink panel (psychotherapist authors). She radiated wit. I took a selfie (I wish my arm was a lot longer, or that I was Plastic Man). I bought Jan’s book, An Un-Conventional Murder, where she fictionalizes the Santa Cruz Raging Grannies to solve mysteries. A more mature Scooby Doo gang. I bought the paperback since it is not on Kindle. She signed it for me, and wished me luck with my writing. Of course I told Jan about Holly, she liked the idea, especially that Holly has a beaky nose. She also said that one’s ears and nose never stop growing. That leads to interesting ideas for Holly as an old lady. (I tried to find Jan’s blog, but failed. Darn it.)

I saw some teen slam poetry also. Some of the kids read with a beat, some with energy, one with tears for her heartbreaking story about a grandfather’s death that her mom had to take over and read. The poetry was all GOOD! As a guy who loves and performs at open mics, I have some authority to say that. I told one girl she sounded like she had been writing a while. She said I was right. I love seeing kids get into writing. I hope those kids keep writing, can you imagine how good they will be when they are all grown up?

I also bought a paperback of Bad Girls (essays edited by Ellen Sussman), and kindles of Citizen (very short essays by Aaron Shurin) and Fire Year (poetry by Jason K. Friedman). The cover art on Kindle for Fire Year looks too small, but I am betting the writing will be big.

Ah, so much to read. YAY!

P.S. I did not write today, except for little ideas about my upcoming Scripting Change story. Nuts.


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