No more fat phones!

Months ago, I bought an extended battery for my Samsung Galaxy S3. (I have an iPad Air and an Android phone, I like a foot in both worlds.) The battery made my phone fatter. I bought a rubbery protective case so that size, making the phone even fatter. It was not easy stuffing the fat phone with my also-fat business card case into my front pocket. But I had long battery life. I’d go a couple days without charging.

Until a few days ago. After a fresh charge, 12 hours later my phone would say “BAH-DOOP! BAH-DEEP! BAH-DOOP!” (Translation: “I’m hungry! Feed me! I’m hungry!”) The phone’s increasing fatness had burst one side of the case. I opened it. The battery was fatter. As in getting ready to explode, or at least leak corrosive battery juice.

So I put the original battery back in. After months of collecting dust, it still had a 75% charge. Even with my Otterbox protective case, my phone is slimmer. And a slimmer phone feels better, especially when I read a good book on it (“Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain” is fun.) Steve Jobs had the right idea when he wanted the iPad thinner.

No more FAT battery for me (for now). If I run out of power on the go, and I don’t wanna be a wall-hugger like in those Samsung ads, I’ll charge in my car or with my Powerocks Magic Cube 12000 battery. Okay, I like my gadgets, sue me.

If only my pot belly could be slimmed down that easily.


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