Coffee Con instead of Comic Con.

I could not make it to Comic Con this year (sniff!). But I did go to Coffee Con. A little convention about my favorite drink, my only drug, my brain lubricator for writing stories: coffee! I slurped lotsa coffee samples. Mostly hot with no cream or sugar. Still yummy.

mr espressoI took a selfie near the Mr. Espresso booth (oakwood roasted coffee in Oakland since 1978). I am not good at selfies. It took a few tries. I wonder if you really wanna see my face fill the photo with very little else. I’ll try again sometime. I still wonder why the front camera on a phone shows a mirror image (writing is reversed) while the photo turns out non-mirror (I can read the writing). Peerless Coffee (roasted in the SF Bay area since 1924) invited me to pose with them. They know a coffee lover when they see one.peerless coffee tea black medicineBlack Medicine! Coolest name for coffee EVER! I had them take several photos to get this one right. I bought a bottle and drank it today at brunch. Yummy! Very smooth! Comes in a cool metal bottle! You can buy it straight or as a latte. Yum. No, it does not cure disease. But it makes me happy. I shoulda taken a pic at the Torani booth. I love adding flavored sweetness to my coffee. I had a sample of their salted carmel syrup in some coffee. MMMMMMMM!!! And then another, and another, and another! Salted carmel flavor beats vanilla (which I still love). A nice lady at the booth noticed me loving the samples, and I got a bottle of salted carmel syrup in sugarless. I put some in the Black Medicine I bought. Very good, although I admit that regular would taste even better. The lady talked to me about sweeteners, Torani is working on making sugarless taste better. She also recommended that it I wanted more salted carmel syrup, I should check Cost Plus, Safeway might not have the variety. I’ll find out when my supply gets low. coffee mad scientistThere was a mad scientist type of display put on by Flywheel Coffee Roasters. Yes, this is a coffee making machine. I wonder if superpowers are involved in the brewing process. If I can drink their coffee at their San Francisco shop, I will have to visit and listen for cries of “Yes, master, yes, ha ha ha ha ha!” while the coffee is brewed. I need art of Holly enjoying an iced coffee. She loves coffee as much as I do. Maybe Holly should have an adventure at a coffee shop sometime. I am planning scenes of Holly being depressed and drinking ten iced mochas. (Remember Q of STNG ordering ten chocolate sundaes, saying he was in a really bad mood?)


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