Read to make your mind soar, not sore!

Scripting Change is doing another anthology of short stories and poetry. Holly’s first story is in last year’s Scripting Change: Seeing Past Sickness, which was about students dealing with long term illness. It was so fun to see Holly in print, even though her cape color changed later.

This year, Scripting Change is about literacy. The theme: Opening Worlds with Words. This would work well with Holly, her being a writer.

Maybe my story would be about Holly battling an evil english teacher/supervillain who can force people to absorb and live really depressing books. (I remember an old Hitchcock villain saying to the heroine, “Don’t you know that life is a foul stye?”) But Holly would fight back with books that are joyous and fun. Hmm, I will toy with this idea. Maybe have Holly become depressed, evil, amoral characters? Maybe have reality morph with the books?

This hearkens back to an english teacher I had in high school who told a girl doing a report on a book based on the Dark Shadows soap opera, “Sounds like a sex novel to me!” WHAT! A!! JACKASS!!!! Teachers like that kill love of reading and do NOT belong in that profession. I remember the good teachers, and they outnumber the bad ones, but the bad ones leave a foul taste that lingers for decades. Students should discover reading is fun adventure, it lets your imagination soar, it should not be a chore.

Regiment reading, and kids will hate it. Let kids read what they like, and their like will grow into love. (Although they should read something besides comic books if they ever want to write for Marvel, I have heard Marvel executives say that. And I love comic books.)


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