Sorry, Mr. Tovar: an open mic background music lament.

I did a reading tonight from a new Holly story (working title: Super Sleeping Beauty, here is the part I read). It went well, considering that I did NOT expect to be called (I was number five on the waiting list.) The audience looked happy with my story.

nothing-in-los-angelesAnyway. I used background music. The soundtrack for a movie I saw at Cinequest this year: Nothing in Los Angeles by Alexander Tovar. I used Just a Cool (jazzy beat) and Loving in Los Angeles (sweet violins). I met Alexander and he is a nice guy. so I am plugging that soundtrack here. Go to iTunes and check that soundtrack out! Next time I use that music at an open mic, Mr. Tovar, I promise I will mention it!

My lesson: make my announcements just before I start reading! And use more indie type music. We small time artists should support each other.

caseywickstrom-a3373231080_10Another musician at the open mics I go to, Casey Wickstrom, said he’d really like if I’d use his music sometime. He is a fan of my work. Check out Blues Song #666 from his Casey Wickstrom album and you’ll hear why I am a fan of his work!

P.S. I might rewrite part of the story for the Just a Cool track: make it fit the jazzy beat better. Music influences my writing.


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