My writing SUCKS! (And a REAL boxing Holly!)

Well, just the beginning of a story I was going to push out. I read the first few pages out loud at a writing meetup on Tuesday. It hurt my ears! It felt like it was half backstory, half fat, and one-eighth protein.

The beginning of  a story must give the reader a reason to read on. Fat backstory does NOT do that. So I cut the beginning down by a page, and might even cut more. And I put in more laughs. Also, I have written the story in first person, and I might change some parts to Stan Lee-esque third person (the parts Hollly is narrating to her barber).

Sigh, this story is taking SO long. But the end will be worth it. At least I am putting more stories into my pipeline.

holly-holmAnother note: Tina Gibson just posted on Facebook about a female boxer, Holly Holm: a blonde, strong, undefeated boxer. My superhero Holly Hansson is five inches taller at six-foot-one, blue eyes instead of green, bigger nose and bigger, um, chest. And my Holly is not a pro boxer. I should watch some Holly Holm vids, maybe I’ll get inspired as to how my Holly should fight.

Hmm, Holly Hansson could look a bit like this, in her happier moments. But in addition to what I already mentioned, my Holly’s hair would be bigger.


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