The Superheroine Word Problem

Go to Amazon, select Kindle from the Search menu, then search for “superheroine.” First book on the list contained the words “getting randy.” Another book title contains “Booty Call.” Most of the books on the first page of search results are under the “Synne City Superheroines in Peril” label. And the cover art for those books? Can you say butt cheeks? Or twin moons coming out early tonight? Superheroes so not have this problem.

The majority of the superheroine Kindle books that list high in searches are of the adults 18 years and over kind. I don’t want my Holly stories treading water there. Especially the Kittygirl story! Some of the superheroine Kindle books are for all ages. But you have to dig for them. (I bought one: Please Don’t Tell My Dad I’m a Supervillain by Richard Roberts, about a teen girl with super parents who discovers she is good at being a supervillain. Still trying to remember how I found it, I might have searched supervillain.)

At my latest open mic, a young lady told me she did not say “superheroine,” but “superhero” for both sexes. Perhaps I should use “superhero” to refer to Holly. She is the Superman of her universe, after all.

So I will call Holly a superhero first, a superheroine second. If a teen girl can call herself a supervillain, Holly can call herself a superhero.


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