The B Word

I have a character named Bunni Bubblez (working name). Holly’s most hated super foe. Bunni is a mind controller who barely has a mind of her own. A curvy sexy ditzy bimbo who hates Holly every bit as much as Holly hates her. Like Holly, she has an impressive bustline. Unlike Holly, Bunni likes to flaunt hers.

Bunni focusses her mind control power through her breasts. Although she does not take off her blouse, or tank top, or bikini top, or her wet T-shirt to do that. (Not that Bunni is averse to taking her top off. But my stories are PG-13 at the most.)

I have had Bunni (no one else) use the B word. Boobs. Or boobies. But I think I will edit that out. Why? Not great for kids, and I want a broad audience. And a lot of women dislike that word (not as much as the other B word). So I think I should avoid it. So what should I do when Bunni mentions her breasts? (And she will.)

There was a great standup comedian at Red Rock who would blip out his swear words. When he seemed about to say one, he would barely start the word, then an instance of silence, then he would continue talking. The audience would mentally fill in the word. Like Alfred Hitchcock said, that gets the audience working.

So I think I’ll do that for Bunni. Not silence, but have her use silly words for bosom. Like biggie bubbles, or bouncy balloons, or jolly jigglies, or softy globes, or creamy cones, or some other cutesy name. It will take me some effort to make a long list of silly substitutes, but it will be more clever than saying boobies. Dippy, ditzy names that Bunni would use for breasts. That will make the audience work a little to replace the silly term with the real one. Bunni says, “Tee hee! Giggle! I’ll just use my jolly jigglies!” And the reader will go, “Huh? Oh, yeah!”

I’ll see how this works. Making out a list could be interesting. If I laugh while making the list, I will be on the right track.

Bunni might say boobytize. Or maybe she should say hippotize. She’d never say hypnotize. Too big a word.


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