Several stories in the works.

The status of my story pipeline.

Kittygirl: short story. outlined, needs title. This will be fun, Kittygirl is so adorable. I have to make sure the ice cream guy does not sound like John Glutt. I had called him the Brain Freezer, except the cartoon Johnny Test already used that, and used it wonderfully. I wonder if I can use Kittygirl? Not a big deal to change names. So far.

Super Sleeping Beauty: short story. Needs title. The draft is still pretty rough. Read some at an open mic tonight, it was a bit rough because the draft was rough. The moment I was done reading, I sat down in the coffee shop and cut out a redundant paragraph. One French kiss per story is plenty. The ending is shaping up nicely. I look forward to performing that. Holly goes from furious to tearful and to loving. Cal goes from apprehensive to heartbroken to joyful.

Super Bad Hair Day: Short story. The story is now in first person point of view and is done, done, done. But I need a description and the other items that I must enter when posting on Kindle and Smashwords. You know, the stuff that helps people stumble across the story and maybe buy the darn thing. This story really needs to be shoved online and off my plate. Maybe this should be on the top of this list. I really need another button you can click on to buy a Holly story.

Super-mansplaining: Short story. This is the story with the Karate Queen, based on Tina Gibson (black belt in karate, really!) from my writing club. Needs a rewrite so it will not be rejected by anyone ever again. Rewrite into First Person, although I will shift from Holly to Cal point of view at story end. It will actually be an easy shift.

The Comic Book Code: Novel. Remember that story? The novel that started this whole mess? I need to get back to work on it. I might try to cut down the outline again. And rewrite the prologue as per feedback from several good writers.

I’ll see how far I get in the next few days.


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