Is there room on the shelf for Holly?

author-training-manualI heard Nina Amir—motivational writing coach—speak at the South Bay Writers Club tonight. I bought her book, The Author Training Manual. Full of advice about finding the market for one’s book, creating a business plan, having a proper author attitude, and other stuff authors need to do other than write. Good advice for indie authors, I suspect.

But there was a time when I was not so sure. Years ago, at another writer get-together, Nina told me that if I want to write a book, I should decide on the market for the book. I had Bruce Campbell’s reaction, who said that “Writing movies for demographics is just Bulls**t!” I put it more politely, Nina being a nice lady.

But guess what. Nowadays, when I tell women that I am writing a superheroine, most tell me they love that idea, and a lot say they would love to see a Wonder Woman movie. (Which isn’t happening anytime soon.) I met a lady at a writer’s conference who was so starved for female heroes that they liked (SHUDDER!) the Catwoman movie. (But she did like the bit of a Holly story that she read, and gave me good writing advice.) Another woman at a writer’s panel at this year’s Baycon mentioned the movie Pacific Rim: she loved the female robot operator who gets only a couple of lines. Love in 30 seconds. And only 30 seconds.

The market has room for Holly. But I still ain’t changing Holly into a teenager. (Nina did not suggest that.)


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