Previewing for Kindle: “YOU’RE SHRUNK!”

Don’t you remember John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn saying that quote to the lawyer J. Nobel Daggett?

I have been researching how to release Holly’s bad hair day short story. I finally opened one of the mobi files I generated in Kindle Previewer to see how it would look on several devices. The text is fine, and the art looks great, even in Kindle Paperwhite. I was worried about that one, how would Batton Lash’s wonderful art translate to grayscale? It looks fine.

But Kindle HDK and HDX 8.9? The cover art shrinks. It is still perfectly visible and nice looking, but there is a big white border. In every other mode, the art fills the screen, and with Batton Lash’s cover art, that is glorious. I tried other Kindle books on my Mac in Kindle Previewer, and the result was the same. Open in Kindle HDX, and … YOU’RE SHRUNK! I wonder why that is?

As for thumbnail art, I tried shrinking a copy down to 90 pixels wide, and the title is still visible and the art is still clear. But my name vanishes. Big deal. I’ll think about that next time.

P.S. Actually, I won’t be wondering. I emailed a few friends and relatives about the shrinking art, but this is not going to stop me pushing the story out. It really needs to go out so I have room for more stories, and so I can get the process down to push out more stories.


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