I am STILL fixing to post to Amazon?!?!?!


I decided to go with Kindle Direct Publishing Select. Sure, I will have to be exclusively on Kindle, but only for 90 days. (Does it then revert to regular Kindle Direct publishing? Can I do Kindle Direct Publishing Select the first time I publish? This is my first independent short story!


I exported from my Storyist to mobi. My titles were a mix of capital letters and non-capitals. So I fixed that. And my blank lines were gone. I use them to indicate time passage or a shift in a point-of-view character. Steve Shepard told me how to fix that with option-spaces on my Macintosh. And I cut down the cover art size (same resolution).

Late last night, I realized that the reason Holly had a headache in this story was that in an older draft, she had a towel wrapped around her head to hide her really bad hair. But I got rid of the towel. So I got rid of her headache today. Holly does not need one to throw a temper tantrum. Also, I read the entire story aloud and made final tweaks. Like not saying “sniff” too many times (twice or so is plenty). And stomping out final typos, like “Go” instead of “GO”.

The first time you drive down a road is when you hit all the bumps. Boy, do I ever want to push this story out and go to the next one! I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

P.S. The novel beckons again. My recent chapter about 5D glasses giving Cal a very intimate view of Holly’s writing has gone over very well at open mics.


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