The Boondocks is missing its creator

060106booniesThe fourth season of The Boondocks is now airing. Without the involvement of its creator, Aaron McGruder. I followed the comic strip for years. I adored the following cartoon series. Smart writing, lots of bleeps (although the N-word is never bleeped), and the animation is gorgeous, like the very richest anime. Aaron knows, as does Amanda Conner, that it is all in the face. Especially the grandfather’s face, old faces have those deep lines that show rubbery emotions. The face of the long-suffering lawyer guy was great last night. Aaron’s influence lives.

Yeah, I admit it, I watched it last night. I liked what I saw. Maybe I am not hard to please (some people felt it was a retread). But I hate the thought of the show being done without Aaron. Having your life work being done without you? Must be like losing your children.

Aaron has a statement here. I should have known that Aaron would be a gentleman about this. He’s way too smart to be anything else.

If my Holly stories ever take off, and some TV guys say this ought to be a TV show, I will think about Aaron, and about Cartoon Network’s treatment of the Green Lantern, Young Justice, and Thundercats cartoons (the last one being a reboot that was a helluva improvement on the original). And maybe I’ll look for some small indie company instead of the bone-marrow-sucking Hollywood thing. And maybe, to quote Charlie Brown, I’ll flap my arms and fly to the moon.

I wonder if Keith Knight might run into that someday, he works really hard. Hollywood. It swallows you, digests you, and eliminates you. San Diego Comic Con, anyone?

P.S. Aaron says that The Boondocks has a “relatively young audience”? I am 58 years old, you young whippersnapper!


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