Two Holly stories ready to go: super karate and bad hair.

fault-zoneI sent a short story to the Peninsula Writer’s Club Fault Zone publication. Holly’s fight with the Karate Queen (the Queen loosely based upon poet Tina Gibson from that club, who nicely demonstrated her karate for me, not on me, thank goodness). I’l see if they accept it. If not, there’s always rewriting and Amazon.

I’m also about to finally send Holly’s Bad Hair Day to Amazon and Smashwords. MacWorld, GDC, the Fault Zone deadline, and a major rewrite to my novel’s outline diverted me a bit. I made one last editing pass tonight. It is ready to be converted.

P.S. I missed a deadline for the San Mateo County Fair publication because I did not pay attention to the deadline being at 5pm, not midnight. I tried to send the prologue for my novel. Sigh. Shoulda read the fine print.

P.P.S. The novel outline still needs a little tweak.


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