A Kryptonian breakfast

Sometimes I tell myself I will have a Kryptonian breakfast. Then I will go out and buy a hamburger and fries. Why?

Many years ago (if I remember this correctly, I cannot find it on Google), when Lex Luthor was a mad scientist instead of an evil businessman, Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen visited the planet Krypton before it exploded. A letter writer to DC Comics said that story was wrong because Jimmy was having breakfast, but he was eating a hamburger and fries! The DC editors replied: You forgot this took place on Krypton! On Krypton, hamburgers and fries are standard breakfast fare.

Maybe I’ll try ordering a Kryptonian breakfast at Wendy’s sometime and see what happens. They’ll probably say “What?” or “Que?” And rightly so.

P.S. I just upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mavericks. Smooth so far. Although “less than a minute remaining” really means “anywhere from a minute to an hour or more.” And I bet I’ll have to take care of my multiple Apple ID issue.


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